Dental implants - MUDr. Richard Jurkovič, PhD., MPH

Najčastejšie problémy pacientov


Conditions for successful implantation

Types of Implants

During the development of implant dentistry numerous designs of various new shapes of dental implants and their subsequent use have been developed. Only a few implants though were used for a longer period of time and just a limited number of types of implants have been used up to now.

MUDr. Richard Jurkovič, PhD., MPH

"I am in fact the one who prepares conditions for nature and I am glad when the nature cooperates with me. The border for me as a surgeon is my knowledge. I must never treat a patient if it exceeds my current abilities. In that case it’s only about self-conceit and lack of humility.”

Dr. Richard Jurkovič, MD, PhD, MPH is perceived as one of the most respected specialists in the field of implant dentistry in Slovakia. He runs his practice in Slovakia in a very unique system.

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Myths and Facts

As about virtually anything, there have been many myths and unwarranted assertions about implant dentistry too. Often they negatively influence patients who could benefit from implant treatment. We have selected the most common myths for you.

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