System of work

Dr. Richard Jurkovič, MD, PhD, MPH has developed and works in a system which is completely unique beyond his specialization. He cooperates with several dentists all over Slovakia. The reason is “patients truly appreciate if they don’t have to come for a part of their treatment to another practice, and the specialist comes to their ‘home‘ practice.“

Along with his colleagues, longtime friends and former students, he has created a system which suits all stakeholders, but predominantly the patients. Also, a new horizon opens up in this system of cooperation for the dentists; they can become narrowly specialized in prosthetic part of dental implantology; and Dr. Richard Jurkovič, MD, PhD, MPH can provide an expert care in the surgical part of implant dentistry. Unlike in the system where one dentist performs all the activities, more options for treatment techniques are hence developed.

To achieve highly professional communication and cooperation between a dental implantologist, a prosthetic specialist and dental technitians, all experts need to have excellent knowledge of the whole field. Dr. Richard Jurkovič, MD, PhD, MPH specializes in numerous types of surgical procedures and his colleagues – prosthetic specialists concentrate on prosthetic works related to implants.

General procedure of implant procedure

When a patient decides for implant treatment, the first step is to undergo radiologic examinations. Often, dental CT (e. i. 3D CT –  threedimensional computer tomography) is performed. This examination is done using a device exclusively for the purposes of dentistry (a CT type device: CBCT – cone beam computed tomography).

The results of the exmainations are sent on the same day in electronic form directly from the radiologic department to Dr. Jurkovič. Thus, the consultation of experts can be carried out very quickly and the final treatment plan can be prepared. This plan includes the exact sequencing of treatment and the selection of implants according to the needs of each patient. If needed, a personal consultation is provided in the partner practice and Dr. Jurkovič discusses all the details of the procedure with the patient.

Sometimes it is necessary to perform several procedures before the actual implantation which are indispensable in order to prepare the patient. This is managed by the partner dentist. On the day of the implantation the patient, the partner dentist and Dr. Jurkovič meet in the practice and the planned implantation is performed. After the intervention, the treatment plan is followed.

In case of post-implant complications, which are rare and mild in the practice of Dr. Jurkovič, the patient’s care by the partner dentist is guaranteed. However, the rare cases are also very thoroughly planned and managed to best patient satisfaction. If inevitable, specialist Dr. Jurkovič takes over the care of the patient.