Despite the fact that implant dentistry, as a therapeutic procedure, is fully covered by patients in Slovakia, they can arrange a  free dental implant consultation with any of the partner doctors of Dr. Jurkovič.

A very professional pricing approach is used in all practices of Dr. Jurkovič. The fundamental principle of our pricing is the ratio of excellent quality of services and the final cost. Since implant treatment is entirely individual, it is not possible to accurately set the price of implant surgeries without a detailed examination.

In some patients, if needed, several additional clinical examinations (covered by patients) must be performed (usually X-ray or CT examinations of teeth) in order to set the final therapeutic plan. After the dental implant consultation and additional examinations if any, every partner doctor of Dr. Jurkovič is able to present the final therapeutic plan and set the final cost of the therapeutic procedure. This final cost does not change any further. The price of the therapeutic procedure is thus fully customized to the needs of each patient and based on the findings of experts in dental implantology. The above mentioned optimum ratio of quality services and price is always taken into consideration when setting the final cost.