Patient can choose between local or general anesthesia

In the majority of cases, implant interventions are performed in local anesthesia. In some patients premedication is used, e. i. before the intervention the patients take medication which makes the time of the operation more comfortable for them. The most important however, is the empathic approach of the dental implantologist as well as the whole implant team.

General anesthesia can be used too. It is applied after the mutual agreement between the implantologist or dentist and the patient in case this procedure is a better alternative for the patient.

General procedure of implant intervention

The surgical phase of the implant intervention starts after the administration of anesthetic. If the extraction of unnecessary teeth has been planned, it is conducted at the very beginning of the intervation. The preparation of the location for the implant placement follows being performed strictly in accordance with the preparation guidelines.

A special method combining the use of a special implant surgery device and a special manual ratchet is used for the actual placement of the dental implant. The device allows to adjust exact torque (measured in N/cm) and this enables sufficient force for safe non traumatic implant placement in which neither bone nor soft tissues are damaged. The manual ratchet  is also equipped with a torque wrench, if needed. Bone augmentation can be performed during this procedure too in case it is a part of the treatment plan.

After the implant placement, the implant is closed either with a cover screw or with a healing collar. The cover screw is used in case the implant is being healed under mucous membrane. The healing collar is used during the phase of healing when the implant is supposed to be in continuous contact with the oral cavity. The closure with the healing collar does not require any further surgical intervention for a later exposure of the implant. At the end of the intervention the wound is stitched up. If needed, the patient is administered highly effective local medication to reduce the post operative swelling.